Nederlands-Zweeds woordenboek. 2014.

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  • bloody — {{11}}bloody (adj.) O.E. blodig, adjective from blod (see BLOOD (Cf. blood)). Common Germanic, Cf. O.Fris. blodich, O.S. blôdag, Du. bloedig, O.H.G. bluotag, Ger. blutig. It has been a British intens. swear word since at least 1676. Weekley… …   Etymology dictionary

  • bloody — /ˈblʌdi / (say bludee) adjective (bloodier, bloodiest) 1. stained with blood. 2. attended with bloodshed: a bloody battle. 3. inclined to bloodshed. 4. of the nature of, or relating to blood; containing or composed of blood. 5. Colloquial a. (an… …   Australian English dictionary

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